Design Licensing Info

What is design licensing?

Design licensing means purchasing the right to commercially use the artwork - this means you can use the design to create products to sell. For businesses looking to stand out with unique designs this is a great option.

Custom designs

I love creating repeat patterns and would love to work with you on an exclusive custom design. The process for this would involve us working together to bring your idea to life. We will discuss what you are after, colours, scale etc and I can use this information to start work on a design. I will involve you in the process, sharing work as go, so I know you are happy with the direction of the design. Changes can be made along the way but excessive changes may incur an extra fee.
The cost and time frame for this service varies dependant on complexity and my availability.

Types of licenses 

Non exclusive 

This means the design has no limit to the amount of people who can license and use it. This is the most affordable option, perfect for those wanting a unique design without exclusivity.

Industry exclusive 

This is a license exclusive to your industry category. For example, if you are in the women’s fashion category, the design will not be licensed to anyone else in that category, for the term of the license. It will be available to license to other categories though, such as kids wear, homewares etc.


If you want to be the only one using a design, exclusive is the way to go. With this license the design will not be licensed to anybody else, in any category, for the term of the license.  

What's it going to cost me? 

Pricing varies. Gah, I know it sucks when websites say that. 
The thing is there is no one price that fits all when it comes to surface design. It depends on the complexity of the design, the terms of the agreement, the type of exclusivity etc.

File specs

Files are TIFF, rgb, 300dpi. Dimensions vary. 
Other files types may be available on request.

 What happens when I license a design?

Once terms have been agreed on, an invoice and licensing agreement will be emailed. Once the invoice is paid and licensed signed, the file will be emailed via Dropbox. You can then use the design as per the agreement terms. 


All designs are my (world of mik’s) intellectual property and are not to be used without my permission or copied. It’s just not cool, at all. Don’t be that guy.