If i buy a pattern tile can i print fabric and make things to sell?

Yes, absolutely. These designs are intended for commercial use.

Can i change the design (colours, scale etc)?

Only if you have asked me first and i permit it. Otherwise - No, when you purchase a design you are doing so under good faith that you will keep the design as it is. I am more than happy to discuss design changes before purchase.

Did you draw/create all the work?

Yes, all the designs on my page were hand drawn by me. I use multiple methods such as drawing on the procreate app, within illustrator and on good, old fashioned paper.

Where can i get fabric printed with your designs?

Anywhere you like.
I recommend Next State Print, if you are in Australia. My files are compatible as this is the printing company i use when printing fabric.

May i get a different file type?

I set my files up as tiff, this is my preferred file type, but if you require a jpeg or something else please let me know (before purchasing) and i can sort that out for you. Vector files may be available, depending on the design. 

Why license a design?

Because you deserve something unique for your business - these are not mass produced artworks. Stand out from the crowd with something special 

Do you have any other designs?

Sure do. I have curated a selection on this site to showcase my style but i have more designs in my catalogue. If you would like to view more or have a specific design in mind please contact me, i am always happy to chat.

How much is an exclusive license?

Please contact me for exclusive rates as they vary depending on the terms and complexity of design.
Exclusive licenses have a time limit of 3 years, during which it will not be resold to, or used by, anyone else. After this time it may be made available for license again. 
There is also an option of industry exclusive licenses or a change in time limit, which can be discussed. 
Life time exclusivity may be available, upon discussion. I am open to chat options, always.